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Problems: Diesel bug, water, phase separation.

Detection: dip slide, water test, immunoassay test.

Treatment: additives, fuel polishing.

Red Diesel.

From January 2011 red diesel/gas oil defined under BS EN 2869-2006 class A2 & D must meet the same low sulphur levels as road diesel. The fuel can contain up to 7% bio diesel and in essence the oil companies are providing road diesel with  the red excise marker dye added.

What does this mean for boat users. Due to the bio diesel content the fuel is more prone to water adsorption, biological growth and fuel degradation. This means we have to be more proactive in our fuel management to prevent engine problems.

Basically diesel fuel now has a shelf life. The fuel will degrade over time and unless treated will eventually lead to engine breakdown due to fuel failure.

A full description of the problems, how to detect and how to treat can be found in the following document: Diesel - A user guide (click here).

We are now providing a testing service for both marina and vessel fuel tanks that can identify problems accurately and quickly.

Our testing services can also be used by plant, transport and agricultural operators.

Further details can be found on  diesel menu above

Problems in diesel fuel.

Diesel fuel.