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A selection of sample projects previously produced. Client names are kept confidential where requested. The selected projects show a complementary range of skills and experience.

Reference Documents.

Client Documents.

These documents are a mix of advice and regulatory to assist you in your business or in the operation of your boat. They are freely available from a variety of sources on the Internet.


Yachting Worldwide produces its own guides and reference documents on subjects that are of interest to the boating community. They can be found in the download section (click the title above). All the forms we use on the site are also in the download section.

These are client documents that are password protected. If you require access to your documents online please email us for the document reference and the password to enable you to access them. All documents are securely encrypted so they can only be read by people with the relevant document number and password. Each document is given a non specific reference number that cannot identify the project or client.

These documents may consist of:

Sample Projects.

Document formats.